Bandar Abbas

Bandar Abbas Port

 Geographical situation:

Shahid Rajaee Port connects to more than 80 ports worldwide and the highest rate of cargo transit through the country and towards the Central Asia passes through this port. Geographical position: lat 27o 07’ n long 056o 04’

Technical Features:

Bandar Abbas is a major shipping point in Iran used mainly for imports. Things that are exported from this port are Dates, tobacco, citrus, transit goods. Being located in such a strategically position in the


Geographical situation:

Lotfabad border terminal is placed in Khorasan Razavi province, north- east of Iran and in common border between Iran and Turkmenistan. This terminal is 280 km away from Mashhad (which our company located in) and Dargaz with 25 km distance is the nearest city of Khoransan Razavi province to this border terminal.

Technical Features:

Lotfabad border terminal has been constructed in a land with 7 hectares area with two unit passenger and commercial hall. Preparation of lotfabad border


Geographical situation:

This place is situated in Gilan, Iran, its geographical coordinates are 38° ۲۴′ ۴۴″ North, 48° ۵۲′ ۳۴″ East and its original name (with diacritics) is Āstārā. It lies on the border with Azerbaijan Republic and on the Caspian Sea. It is a relatively important border trade center between Iran and the Caucasus.

Technical Features:

The Azeri border has two recognized crossings: between Astara (Azerbaijan) and Astara (Iran), and Culfa


اSerakhs is a crossing point on the Iranian-Turkmen border and the place where bogies must be changed on the freight railway line from Tejen to Mashhad in Iran, which was opened in 1996. The passenger connection between Serakhs and Ashgabat is also operated.


Geographical Situation:

Dogharoon is located on the Iran – Afghanistan border and provised Transportation services to Herat from the major road of Islam Qale. With more than more than 2000 years of historical & economical background, Herat is called Afghanistan warehouse. This city is located on the route of transporting goods to Kandahar, Kabul and even to the north of Afghanistan such as Mazar-e- Sherif. The distance from Islam Qale to Herat is 110 km. In fact, Herat is about


Geographical Situation:

Chabahar is situated on the Makran Coast of the Sistan and Baluchestan province of Iran and is officially designated as a Free Trade and Industrial Zone by Iran’s government. Due to its free trade zone status, the city has increased in significance in international trade.

Technical Features:

Chabahar lies eight hundred kilometers from Zaranj, the Afghan border city that provides access to the rest of the country.


Mirjaveh is a city and the capital of Mirjaveh County, in Sistan and Baluchestan ProvinceIran. At the 2006 census, its population was 13,590, in 2,350 families

Mirjaveh is the main road crossing point between Iran and Pakistan. The Pakistani border post is at Taftan. Mirjaveh is also the point where the railway line from Pakistan crosses the border on the way from Quetta to Zahedan.

Since construction of this railway line in 1921, it has been isolated, with no through

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